How to Master Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Optimize Your Practice With a Dental Continuing Education Seminar


Researchers estimate that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) impacts around 22 million Americans, many of which remain underdiagnosed or neglected altogether. Unfortunately, many people who suffer through this condition have a dangerous misconception that their issues are not particularly life-threatening, whereas others merely do not know how to discuss the problem with a medical professional.

This point is where you, as a dentist, become essential to the diagnosis and treatment of OSA. Since most people already visit the dentist, you are in the ideal environment to observe symptoms of OSA and discuss with patients the impact of OSA and how a dental professional can help provide relief. If you do detect some concerning signs in your patient, you can then refer them to a sleep doctor for an official diagnosis. From there, you can begin a variety of treatments depending on the severity of your patient’s OSA or its source. 

Due to this new environment and condition, dentists need to receive continuing education seminars on the topic of OSA. Let’s look more into these seminars and outline why they are a crucial addition to any dental practice.

What Can Seminars About Obstructive Sleep Apnea Do for My Practice?

As with any business expansion, there are numerous questions to consider, such as “what can this add to my practice monetarily” or “how will this implementation change my current protocols?” Thankfully, when it comes do dental sleep medicine, you’re entering a new, expanding, and versatile field that many other dental practices are neglecting.

obstructive sleep apnea treatmentWhen you implement sleep diagnostics and treatment into your practice, you are providing an essential service to your community, your staff, and yourself. You open your practice up to a whole new revenue stream and patient demographic, allowing for immense expansion. Dental sleep medicine also happens to be less physically demanding than traditional dentistry, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to transition into retirement. 

Aside from the practicality that comes with opening your practice to a whole new field of medicine, seminars also provide the added perk of completing 12 CEUs for the year. This fulfillment will free up a lot of time for yourself and staff while learning a valuable skill.

What Can I Expect From This Course?   

Our experts want all attendees to be well versed and educated on every part of the continuing education process, even before the seminar starts. So, for beginners who are looking to attend their first dental sleep medicine continuing education seminars, we have put together this quick list of some of what you can expect during our two-day course:

  • Expert testimony and advice from experienced dentists who have run successful sleep practices
  • Recognizing various obstructive sleep apnea symptoms
  • How OSA can affect the overall health of your patient
  • Operating a home sleep test and other diagnostic equipment
  • How OSA impacts different demographics
  • Learning how and when specific OSA treatments are appropriate

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