Dental Sleep Medicine In-Office Consultation

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Is our Dental Sleep Medicine In-Office Consultation right for you?

Are you:

✓  Wanting to help nearly 1 in 4 of your adult patients with their sleep disorder?

✓  Looking to make a profound impact on the health and wellness of your community?

✓ Searching for a substantial new medical revenue stream for your practice?

✓  Interested in being paid to be a doctor instead of for your physical production?

✓  Ready to create a thriving new recession-proof business within your practice?

If you answered yes to any of these items then we would love to meet and learn more about you, your practice, and your dental sleep medicine goals.

Learn about the Business Builder Program

Experience the Difference with SGS Dental Sleep Medicine In-Office Consultation

Sleep Group Solutions is a global leader in Dental Sleep Medicine, offering in-your-office training and state-of-the-art airway measurement technology, including the Eccovision Pharyngometer/Rhinometer. With our comprehensive solutions, thousands of practices worldwide have screened, diagnosed, and treated over a million patients for snoring and sleep apnea.

The SGS Dental Sleep Medicine Business Builder Program seamlessly integrates classroom and hands-on education with ongoing coaching and mentoring, supported by proprietary diagnostic and airway imaging technology. This approach ensures both clinical excellence and financial success in the field of sleep medicine.

The dental treatment of sleep-disordered breathing is a rapidly growing field, and SGS is uniquely positioned to help dentists seize this opportunity. It all begins with education, and our initial focus is to work closely with your clinical and administrative teams, ensuring the smooth implementation of the program into your existing practice. As your sleep business expands, we stand by your side, offering support in areas such as medical billing, marketing, and physician referral programs.

Recognizing that many dentists and practices may have limitations in terms of resources or time, we offer personalized in-office consultations. Partner with us to redefine your practice’s potential.

Learn about the Business Builder Program

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