Dental Sleep Seminars

These practitioners began their education by attending one of many dental sleep seminars offered in various locations. Sleep Group Solutions offers a variety of dates and locations for their dental sleep seminars and attending one of our dental sleep seminars will put your practice on the road to being able to successfully screen, diagnose and treat your patients who are suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. As a result of the training being given at these dental sleep seminars, the field of dental sleep medicine is making a huge impact on sleep apnea and it’s effect around the world. At the dental sleep seminars you will learn about some very effective front line treatments such as the oral appliances called SilentNight, TAP, Respire and ENA.

These oral appliances are custom fitted mouthpieces that are to be worn during sleep and are so much less invasive then the CPAP machine. If you have a patient who is CPAP intolerant this is the perfect solution. These oral appliances are mandibular advancers and keep the the jaw in a forward position. This type of position is superior for keeping the airway and throat completely open during sleep and also keep the tongue from collapsing into the air passageway. You will gain hands on experience taking the bite registrations and handling the appliances. You will learn how to give your patients an at home sleep study after screening them for sleep apnea. You will learn about this sleep study by taking it yourself during the overnight stay of the seminar.

The next day you as a class will review the results of the study and go over a case study together. At the dental sleep seminars you will learn how important it is to educate your patients about certain lifestyle changes that will make a great impact on the success of the treatment of their sleep apnea. These lifestyle changes include weight loss, stress management, sleep repositioning and restricted use of tobacco and alcohol products. Your patients will find the quality of their life greatly improved once they are undergoing treatment and taking control these lifestyle changes. Their personal, professional and spiritual lives will become much more balanced again once they are able to get a good night’s rest. Once your patients realize that untreated and undiagnosed sleep apnea can seriously effect their health and increase their risk for many diseases such as high blood pressure, headaches, risk of stroke, heart disease, insomnia and sleep deprivation, they will be very grateful that you are able to test and treat them for this in your practice.


07/12/2024 - 07/13/2024

Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA

08/09/2024 - 08/10/2024


09/13/2024 - 09/14/2024

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