Sleep Group Solutions Post Dental Sleep Medicine Seminar Line-Up for 2017

The Dental continuing education and dental sleep medicine seminar company is hitting major cities across the U.S.A. with their 16 CEU Sleep Seminar Workshops. Dentists and Hygienists are encouraged to attend.


(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)  Pioneers in Dental Sleep Medicine education, instrumentation and in-office training, Sleep Group Solutions, publishes 2017 sleep seminar line-up. The 16 CEU (AGD/PACE) dental sleep medicine course will include nearly 100 lecture opportunities across the United States.

Known as the authority in Dental Sleep Medicine, the Sleep Group Solutions lecture offers vital information on the science and medical reasoning behind OSA, screening and treatment methods, home sleep testing, insurance and billing, working with physicians, and more. “They {SGS} have made learning the DSM protocol accessible to more dentists across the country, by offering a large number of lecture locations. SGS by far is the world’s largest Dental Sleep Medicine company.” says DSM expert and lecturer, Dr. Barry Freydberg. “In 2017 they will be in almost every major city!”

Attendees can expect an enhanced learning experience with special guest speakers in select cities. “In 2017 we will continue to team-up with local laboratories that will come to specific lecture locations to present on oral appliances and their lab.” says President Rani Ben-David.   New partnerships, and new findings in the dental treatment of OSA will be a staple for SGS in 2017.

Sleep Group Solutions will offer roughly eight to ten sleep seminars each month, with special lectures including a staff-driven Boot Camp, and an Advance lecture. Lecturers for the company include wet-finger dentists who are experts in the field, and run successful Sleep practices. To learn more about the SGS seminar, or instructors, go here.