Trend in Dentistry: Growing practices with Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dental Sleep Medicine education, instrumentation and in-office training company, Sleep Group Solutions, teaches turnkey Sleep Apnea protocol in Cleveland, OH on August 28-29th.


Cleveland, OH.  Around the US dentists and orthodontists are among the small group of practitioners  stepping up to treat the deadly disease, OSA (obstructive sleep apnea).  Working in conjunction with Sleep Doctors, dentists are treating patients with OSA, eliminating many of the health issues diagnosed by primary care physicians. “OSA is a cause of so many other conditions but frequently nobody is looking for the cause–high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, as well as others can be caused by OSA.” Comments South Carolina dentist and Sleep Group Solutions instructor, Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz.  Dr, Horowitz will be instructing the upcoming Cleveland lecture on August 28-29th at the DoubleTree in Downtown Cleveland.

Dr. Horowitz is among the growing trend of dentists integrating sleep medicine in their existing practice.  His practice continues to screen each patient who walks through the door for OSA.  “Sleep dentistry is the most rewarding and least stressful part of my practice.”  Dr. Horowitz will instruct the group of dentists on a protocol to screen each patient for OSA.  Dental Sleep Medicine continues to make up a large piece of his South Carolina dental practice.

With the help of technology and continuing education, more dentists are beginning to treat Sleep Apnea effectively.  Companies such as Sleep Group Solutions offer advanced acoustic diagnostic imaging, home sleep test, in office training and seminars to raise awareness of OSA and get doctor involvement.  “Doctors are screening a lot of patients with OSA through our home sleep test, and pharyngometry.  Awareness is definitely on the rise, and that’s the first step.”  Says Dr. Horowitz. “Sleep Group Solutions offers the perfect implementation plan, and they also have a proven track record of success, education, and technology.” Sleep Group Solutions has the largest Medical/ Dental sleep apnea treatment network in the world.  Learn live with Dr. Horowitz in Cleveland on August 28-29th.