Sleep Group Solutions Finds Growth in New Banking Partnership

Miami based company Sleep Group Solutions, announces new pick in financial partnership. After six years of dealing with other banking institutions with higher interest rates, local restrictions and no program incentives-company owners choose Chase Bank for all their businesses financial commitments.

Rani BenDavid and Tamir Cohen, owners of Sleep Group Solutions, an airway diagnostic technology company serving the needs of physicians and dentists interested in screening and treating sleep apnea and other upper airway disorders, have made a strategic decision to go with Chase Bank, offering financial accessibility to clients and doctors treating patients with OSA, Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

What inspired the pick? Personal relationships, along with the many targeted programs Chase Bank offers such as financing equipment to doctors treating OSA, as well as patient treatment financing with low rates. SGS is rapidly growing, with many large mergers and acquisitions happening. Company owners decided to work with a bank that has strong enough financials to meet the needs of SGS and their growing clients. ?This decision will benefit clients in need of financial aid, as well as everyone we work with in all of our companies we acquire along the way,? mentions Rani BenDavid, President of SGS. Currently the two entrepreneurs have a group of 5 different companies, all now managed by one financial discipline.

Sleep Group Solutions will now be able to offer international financing opportunities to clients abroad, this in turn raises awareness of OSA on a global level. ?It definitely will help patients from around the world who don’t have insurance or the money to pay out of pocket. Due to the available programs we can now offer, financing is an obtainable option,? Tamir Cohen, SGS partner comments on the new pick.

A growing company, raising awareness of sleep apnea has created a win win for both doctors and patients. This growth and partnership makes a lot of cents for all parties involved!


About Sleep Group Solution

Sleep Group Solutions is an airway diagnostic technology company serving the needs of physicians and dentists interested in screening, diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other upper airway disorders.

Sleep Group Solutions offers the latest screening and diagnostic equipment solutions for patients who present with allergy, sinus congestion, rhinitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps, snoring and sleep apnea. Most procedures are reimbursed by Medicare and private insurance. SGS offers the most comprehensive dental sleep medicine CE seminars in the industry focused on teaching dentists the protocols needed to make the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea part of their practice. SGS is the manufacture of the Eccovision Pharyngometer / Rhinometer.