AADSM and APSS Annual Meetings Come to a Close

At the 20th anniversary of the AADSM, and the 25th anniversary of the APSS meeting in Minneapolis, MS, Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) stood out in a crowded gathering of dentists, sleep doctors and sleep professionals. Sleep Group Solutions is known in the industry for providing top level dental continuing education, home sleep testing and manufacturing screening technology for OSA.

These annual meetings are the largest in the industry and the only place to witness cutting edge lectures, meet industry rockstars, and see presentations from the worlds leading sleep professionals. The main buzz of this years conference, hands down, was top Sleep Doctor, Dr. Atul Malhotra, who recently diagnosed Shaquille O’Neil with OSA. Dr. Malhotra lectured in rooms of hundreds of dentists on sleep apnea, the dentist’s role, and the importance of Rhinometry and Pharyngometry in the sleep industry. Dr. Malhotra also lectured at the Sleep Group Solutions reception during the AADSM, standing room only!

Dr. Malhotra, and other leading sleep doctors such as Dr. Adam Moscovitch, were featured in the latest issue of The Sleep Magazine, which debuted its latest issue during the conference, with grate reviews. Both industry leaders are Sleep Group Solutions Medical Advisors, and huge advocates of using Rhinometry and Pharyngometry to screen for OSA.

Sleep Group Solutions remains an icon in the sleep industry. With thousands of supporters, CE recognized seminars, state of the art acoustic technology and the leading sleep professionals in support-SGS lead the conference. “We are thrilled to have the support of leading sleep physicians. This years conference was by far the best I have ever seen, and I am confident the doctors who lectured had a huge part of that success. We are happy a majority of them are Sleep Group Solutions Medical Advisors,” says Tamir Cohen, Sleep Group Solutions CEO.