Acoustic Imaging Patents licensed to SGS

Biomechanics is licensing the rights to their acoustic imaging patents to SGS which will soon lead to some exciting innovations in the field of acoustic reflection technology and sleep disorders dentistry.

The patents surrounding the technology currently being marketed as the Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer / Rhinometer device were invented by Harvard University professor Jeffrey J. Fredberg Ph.D. and held by Biomechanics Inc. Recently, SGS principals purchased a majority share of Biomechanics and we are pleased to announce that the acoustic reflection and acoustic imagine patents involved have been licensed, to Sleep Group Solutions!

“…Mr. Tamir Cohen is a shareholder and CEO of Biomechanics and is authorized to make decisions regarding patents…” – Jeffrey J. Fredberg Ph.D.


What does this mean for the consumer?

This is great news because it means SGS now has the freedom to develop new technology relating to these patents. Unlike previously involved companies, SGS is commited to creating modern devices and advancing the field of acoustic imaging for use in dentistry and other medical fields. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

A few of the patents can be viewed online at the US Patent Office