SGS / Dr. Brock Rondeau 2007 Sleep Dentistry Seminars!

2007 Course Dates:

  1. March 31-April 1 – Washington, DC
  2. May 11-12 – Los Angeles, CA
  3. May 18-19 – Chicago, IL
  4. November 23-24 – Toronto, ON

Snoring and sleep apnea is not just a social nuisance, it is a serious health risk. Cardiovascular disease is the number two cause of death in North America, and patients who suffer from sleep apnea have a higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes due to high blood pressure, caused by lack of oxygen. It has been estimated that 90 million people in North America have sleep disorders that include insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea.

In the January 2006 medical journal “Sleep”, it was announced by the polysomnologists (sleep centre specialists) that oral appliances are now recommended as the treatment of choice for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Snoring and sleep apnea may cause chronic daytime sleepiness, heartburn, earaches, gasping and choking at night, irritable personality change, frequent awakenings, acid reflux, bruxism, depression, morning headaches, impotence, lack of energy and loss of memory.

Previously, the gold standard has been the Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) which consists of an air compressor that forces air up the nose in order to open the airway while the CPAP is the ideal treatment for severe cases of sleep apnea, the problem is that 80% of the patients are not compliant after the first year. Patients prefer instead to wear oral appliances which move the lower jaw and tongue forward to open up the airway. Patient compliance is much higher with oral appliances and could be over 90%.

Many spouses agree with the fact that their partner’s snoring is damaging to their relationship. I advise my patients that oral appliances are cheaper than a divorce and in the long run, much better for one’s overall health.

This 2 day course is specifically geared to snoring and sleep apnea utilizing oral appliances. Hopefully, you will share my vision for the future and you will enroll in this course that will increase the size of your practice and assist you with providing an important health service for your patients.