How to be successful in Dental Sleep Medicine

“It’s amazing to me that when you put 30 people in a room and really get them excited and educated about all the aspects of sleep medicine how many of them have a personal connection to sleep apnea. Every single person has a story, every single person has a real world experience with sleep apnea. Not one person, not every other person, every single one. I think this is amazing when we look at prevalence and how widespread this problem is with your patients – every one of them has a story as well, your job is to uncover it.” John Nadeau, SGS VP

How to be successful in Dental Sleep Medicine

It beings with education, and finding a partner to support your Dental Sleep Medicine journey the entire way.  Step one- find a Sleep Partner.

For nearly ten years Sleep Group Solutions has trained Dentists worldwide on how to properly implement a Dental Sleep Medicine program in their practices. Pioneers in Dental Sleep Medicine Education, instrumentation and in-office training SGS offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of CE seminars. With over 75 dental CE courses every year SGS is the world’s largest provider of dental sleep medicine continuing education.


Sleep Group Solutions is the Dental Sleep Medicine partners of many dentists around the world.  Partnering with SGS ensures:

Instrumentation (Pharyngometer, Rhinometer)
-In-office training
Home Sleep Testing
Oral Appliances (NORAD)
-Oral Appliances (RESPIRE)
Medical Billing Support
The Sleep Mall (dental sleep medicine supplies)




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