Announcing Exclusive Agreement Between Sleep Group Solutions and Virtuox in the Dental Sleep Medicine Industry

Dental Sleep Medicine education, instrumentation and in-office training company, Sleep Group Solutions is pleased to partner with VirtuOx to provide high resolution overnight pulse oximetry to the dental market.

Home sleep testing is on the rise in the dental industry, with an upwards of 34 percent of dental practice patients being at risk for sleep apnea.  Dental sleep medicine education company, Sleep Group Solutions offers dozens of 2-day CE programs for dentists focusing on their proprietary turn-key program for the dental management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.  SGS has partnered with VirtuOx, a company which provides medical technology services to diagnose and treat Respiratory diseases through various platforms, products and services.  The two have partnered for the VirtuOx Professional Edition to offer the dental market access to overnight pulse oximetry, which is a valuable tool for dentists looking to screen high-risk apnea patients as well as monitor therapy.  
VirtuOx clients will now have a larger standing in the dental market through Sleep Group Solutions platforms.  With the partnership, more dentists will have access to overnight pulse oximetry, as well as a continuing education courses and in-office dental team training programs focused on sleep medicine.  Established in 2005, SGS offers over 80 CE programs yearly, in addition to hands-on live training sessions.  “We are excited to bring everything VirtuOx offers into the SGS program” says VP John Nadeau. “Overnight Oximetry provides a nice bridge between subjective screening and full overnight HST.  I’m looking forward to offering this to our clients as well as working with existing dental offices using VirtuOx and helping them take their dental sleep practices to the next level.”
Existing VirtuOx users can benefit by utilizing the Sleep Group Solutions protocol, and will now have access to SGS continuing education courses and other products.  As a kickoff to the partnership, VirtuOx users may attend a Sleep Group Solutions lecture at no charge.  Users can also purchase all products needed online at the Sleep Mall.
About Virtuox
VirtuOx, Inc. is a privately held medical technology services company that provides diagnostic tools and services that enable a variety of healthcare organizations and professionals diagnose and treat Respiratory diseases through vertically integrated platforms, products and services.