Sleep ‘Study Club’ Kicks Off in Pittsburgh, PA

Sleep Group Solutions (SGS), a leader in dental sleep medicine continuing education and sleep apnea screening technology is launching a sleep study club, like no other. Sleep Group Solutions has revolutionized the sleep industry by incorporating top level education, client support, innovating technologies, and now, a common ground to set the bar high in dental offices across the globe.

Dr. Michael Hnat, a dentist in Pittsburgh has been screening and treating his patients for sleep apnea for the past 4 years. As a dentist, Dr. Hnat feels the airway is his responsibility, and each patient gets an evaluation, whether they know it or not. “We screen each patient with forms, and a visual exam. If the neck, tongue, or even BMI is larger than average, it’s a red flag.” says Dr. Hnat. After obtaining many successful cases, Dr. Hnat is a leader in his community in the fight against OSA. When approached by Sleep Group Solutions to lead a study club in his state, Dr. Hnat was excited to even the playing field.

“Properly practicing sleep is the motive. You can stop the snoring in a patient, but that doesn’t make the sleep apnea disappear. Its a process, and I want to make sure doctors are properly treating. The goal is to train them the way I was trained,” Dr. Hnat shares. The first SGS Study Club meeting will be held this week in Pittsburgh, PA on the 22-23 of July. Register here.

After attending an SGS seminar last year, Dr. Michael McMunn was inspired to begin the Virginia Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. His performance and level of expertise in the industry caught the attention of SGS, and Dr. McMunn was asked to lead a study club himself. “After I returned from the SGS course, I felt it was my duty to inform my 6,000+ Virginia dental colleagues of our responsibility.” says McMunn on his passion to save his patients lives. Dr. McMunn and Dr. Hnat will kick off the SGS study clubs this summer. To join a study club, or start one in your state, email Holly(at)SleepGS(dot)com.