Sleep Apnea Research Lead Dentists back to the Classroom

Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) a leader in dental continuing education takes pride in offering dentists top level dental sleep medicine courses. With an increase in sleep apnea research and studies, Sleep Group Solutions plans to double courses offered to dentists interested in screening and treating sleep apnea in 2012.

Recent studies from the Journal of the American Medical Association prove sleep apnea linking to dementia in women. Breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea are getting more attention and research in the medical field, and now the dental field has perked an interest. Dentists are filling class rooms across the US to gain dental continuing education on how to screen and treat sleep apnea in house, through oral appliance therapy. Sleep Group Solutions continues to provide dentists with the education needed to treat OSA. “ In 2011 we offered the dental community 50 courses to choose from. With such an increased demand from the dental community, we are planning to offer around 70 for 2012,” John Nadeau, VP Sleep Group Solutions.

SGS live two day courses have been paving the way for dentists and staff members to get a hands on and in depth experience on their role in the treatment of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). SGS courses are taught by wet finger dentists who have successfully been treating sleep and have numerous positive case studies. Newest SGS instructor Dr. Barry Freydberg, is a dentist in Illinois who’s practice has been treating patients for sleep apnea well over 10 years. “I am thrilled to be a part of the SGS instructor roster. My experience in DSM is hands on, and I am eager to teach other colleagues how they can create a healthier patient population, and create a new stream of revenue in their practices.” Dr. Barry Freydberg says on teaching for Sleep Group Solutions.

Dental Sleep Medicine has not only become a revenue generator for general dentistry practices, but a life savor for patients. For dentists interested in learning more about their role in OSA and to attend a 16 CE course from Sleep Group Solutions, log onto All Sleep Group Solutions 2 day live seminars CE credits count toward an ACSDD Diplomate Status. View the 2012 Course calendar here.