SGS Teams Up With Glidewell Dental

August 13, 2010
Miami, FL
For Immediate Release

By increasing awareness more dental and medical professionals will begin to screen for and treat this deadly condition. SGS provides the training, protocols, education and instrumentation and Glidewell provides the oral appliance laboratory services.

Based in Miami, SGS is the largest dental sleep medicine company. SGS puts on Continuing Education Seminars for dentists and physicians interested in adding the treatment of sleep apnea to their practice. Their innovative protocols and instrumentation have become an industry standard. Recently they have accelerated marketing efforts by launching 1-800-SleepLab and actively work to create regional multidisciplinary treatment models where Dental, ENT and Sleep Medicine clients work together to diagnose and treat patients.

Glidewell Laboratories provides high quality products and services for a low cost. Established in January 1970 by Jim Glidewell, CDT, the company specializes in crown and bridge, ceramic, removable full and partial dentures, implants, snoring and sleep apnea appliances, and full-cast restorations. Glidewell is an industry leader thanks to its innovative dental technology, multidisciplinary 53 person R&D department, and dedication to providing free clinical and technical education to promote industry growth. Glidewell has grown to be one of the largest dental labs in the world and has seen a great increase in the demand for oral appliances to treat snoring and sleep apnea in recent years.

?This partnership simply makes sense? says SGS president Rani Ben-David. ?Our services complement each other very well, joining our efforts to increase awareness and get more dentists involved in this life saving therapy is a win for everyone.?