Online LinkedIn Groups Supporting Dental Sleep Medicine Discussions Are Attracting the Attention of Dentists Around the World

Sleep Disordered Breathing is a condition marked by the obstruction or collapse of the oral or nasal airway during sleep. Snoring is the first indication of a problem, and the most severe Sleep Disordered Breathing problems, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea, can be fatal.  Dentists have quickly become the first line of defense in identifying airway obstructions, and are stepping up to provide treatment.  Dental Sleep Medicine education company, Sleep Group Solutions, provide dental continuing education and training for many dentists around the world.  Most recent updates include the launch of LinkedIn groups; Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Continuing Education.

According the the National Sleep Foundation, an estimated 80 Million  people remain undiagnosed with OSA.  Dentists trained in providing treatment are in great need of continuing education access, and open forums to discuss techniques, cases, and overall protocols for implementing Dental Sleep Medicine.  Fort Lauderdale Dentist and Writer, Dr. Charles Kravitz refers to various groups as fountains of knowledge, and uses them most frequently for sharing information.  “My saddening losses of family and friends, due to undiagnosed Sleep Apnea, made me an avid advocate of Sleep Apnea awareness. The LinkedIn groups Dental Sleep Medicine, Dental Continuing Education and Dental Pros Sharing Knowledge give me a platform to share my experiences with, and learn more from, other passionate health care pros.”  mentions Dr. Charles Kravitz.

Dentists and Hygienists are not the only group of professionals jumping in on dental sleep medicine related forums.  Oral Appliance company in Brooklyn, NY, Respire Medical, uses these dental forums to provide expert and technical information for dentists seeking knowledge on oral appliance therapy.  “As we grow our business one of the best forms of communication are the LinkedIn groups Dental Continuing Education and Dental Sleep Medicine. We find that this is a great way to communicate with clients on the latest news with our OSA devices. Whether it is an educational webinar that we are holding or an improvement on a device, this is a fast and effective way to communicate with our doctors.”  mentions David Walton, co/founder of Respire Medical.

Dentists, and industry professionals looking to connect with like-minded individuals are encouraged to join online LinkedIn groups Dental Sleep Medicine and Dental Continuing Education.  For updated information on Sleep Group Solutions, please follow the Sleep Group Solutions company page and Sleep Group Solutions group page.