Home Sleep Testing (HST) Surpasses User Expectations

Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) is pleased to announce the widespread launch of InterpStudies.com, a home sleep study interpretation portal. Home sleep testing has been among the fastest growing segments of the sleep and medical market as it is a viable and cost effective study, similar to the overnight PSG tests done in sleep labs.

Home sleep tests (HST), such as the Embletta is the same HST device used today in many hospitals, Sleep Disorders Centers, VA and Kaiser Systems. These home sleep tests are user friendly, and frequently administered by primary care physicians, internal medicine physicians, dentists and other specialties. Since Embletta supplies many sleep labs with sleep study technology-sleep doctors are familiar with the data and diagnosing is seamless when studies are uploaded to InterpStudies.com. “Interpstudies.com was built with a scalable infrastructure so that companies interested in getting started with home sleep testing do not need to invest in the technology and expensive servers or programs, nor networking with physicians to make a system like this work. With Sleep Group Solutions and the InterpStudies.com network distributors, DME companies, multi-state medical groups and others can work with home sleep testing and offer physician interpretation nationwide with no additional investment.” explains John Nadeau, Sleep Group Solutions, VP.

Being a part of Sleep Group Solutions ‘Complete Home Sleep Testing Solution’ includes:

  • Embletta Units: The “gold standard” in home sleep testing, and most other HST devises
  • Customized web portal access for you and your customers: Seamless and easy access
  • Interpretations by InterpStudies.com

Create your business’s own ‘Complete Home Sleep Testing Solution’ today, with the most cost effective model, and comprehensive company around. Dr. Gregory Carnevale, a sleep doctor in New York, and part creator of InterpStudies.com says “InterpStudies, LLC was born out of this idea to provide home sleep study interpretations efficiently and accurately using the most modern technology, and competitive price.” Dr. Carnevale mentions in a recent interview with the Sleep Magazine, and that’s exactly what InterpStudies delivers.


About Interpstudies.com

InterpStudies is a completely web-based company that transfers (“uploads”) home sleep study data that you provide to our team of “Analyzers” who are board certified sleep physicians. Our Analyzers will send you a report within 5 business days providing you with the most current American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines regarding diagnosis and treatment options, including CPAP, oral appliances and other treatments. Interpstudies.com work most often with Remlogic software and Embletta home sleep study equipment. Additional devices can be used including: MediByte Jr, Easy Ambulatory PSG, Somte, Watch-PAT (Prices and acceptance of new clients will change from time to time). The InterpStudy team with help you with all phases of the process including set-up and uploading. Most of this assistance can be done remotely.