Dental Sleep Apnea Websites

Even the ADA, in its marketing promotions states:

An effective dental website should be built with one goal in mind—to increase patient flow. This objective can only be achieved by creating a site that is easy to navigate, fast loading and has a professional look and message. Effective promotion of a dental website is best achieved when combined with traditional forms of advertising and marketing strategies such as direct mail.

The problem is that patients who suffer from sleep apnea are medically ill and do not want the hassle of rummaging through a conventional practice web site with images of 20 something models with glowing smiles. They are not interested in veneers or tooth straightening – they are concerned that their snoring has caused a real strain on their relationship, they are concerned about falling asleep at the wheel, they are concerned about the relationship of their sleep problems to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and are becoming aware of the relationship of sleep to obesity and erectile dysfunction. What is needed is a web site specifically designed for the dental sleep medicine practice that is separate and apart from the conventional dental practice site. has addressed this problem by offering contentrich, intuitive web sites designed specifically for the dental practice that has incorporated oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea with the marketing potential of offers

  • Dedicated Sleep Practice Web Sites
  • Directory Listing Services
  • Practice Listing
  • Priority Enhancement
  • Google Mapping
  • Print & Radio Advertising
  • Electronic and Print Media Booking
  • Exclusive local use of the Quietsleep® Brand for qualified practices
  • Brochures, Newsletters

For those practitioners who want a more aggressive type of marketing, Quietsleep® has developed a social networking, video sharing site at Encouraging patients to participate will increase awareness for everyone and, as cliche goes, a “rising tide raises all boats”. “Snoring Isn’t Sexy™ will shortly have its own marketing site at and will offer more upbeat, more edgy promotional capability than Quietsleep® Creative. Keep watch for future offerings.

Just a word or two about the parent company:® is dedicated to bringing the most current information on dentistry’s role in the recognition and management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea to the public around the world.’s mandate is to continually remain aware of advances in the field and to provide referral to those dentists who are qualified to treat these medical problems in conjunction with sleep physicians. Our ongoing goal is to improve the health of the public globally through increasing awareness of how dentists can help. is designed in two sections – one for the public and one for physicians and dentists. While information in each section is written primarily for the group it addresses, both parts of the site may be of interest to either group of individuals. There are no restrictions to entry to either side.

For more information, call Dr Larry Barsh at 718.938.2501 or email him at For those attending the AADSM meeting this June in Baltimore, Larry offers personal consultations on dental sleep medicine marketing – just call or email to schedule some time.