An All Star Team to Tackle Sleep Apnea through Public Speaking Events on Dental Sleep Medicine

Quote startI wish I met David Gergen sooner, I feel he could have saved my brothers life by making him an oral appliance for his sleep apnea.Quote end

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) August 04, 2012

It’s been 30 years in the making, David Gergen an expert in oral appliance therapy, and owner of Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab has found an interesting and conducive way to raise awareness of the deadly disorder, sleep apnea. Teaming up with NFL greats such as Derek Kennard, Stu Voigt, Mike Haynes and Carl Eller to speak with fans who suffer with snoring and sleep apnea has quickly become an event worth talking about. Creating the Pro Player Health Alliance, has brought a new wave of awareness to the public by NFL greats sharing personal struggles, experiences and losses with sleep apnea.

“The Pro Player Health Alliance is an incredible organization out to help those who suffer from sleep apnea. Working with sleep apnea patients, I know how easy it can be to treat this disorder and our organization has already had a huge positive impact on many.” mentions David Gergen, founder of Pro Player Health Alliance. The organization has held several free events around the country to teach the public about the dangers of snoring and sleep apnea, as well as treatment options available. “Co-creator of the PPHA, Rani Ben-David from Sleep Group Solutions, has been a driving force in our momentum as his company is use to putting together seminars and events on sleep apnea awareness. Together with the former NFL players, we are able to draw a captive audience and offer free home sleep testing to all attendees, to ensure everyone will get tested and seek treatment!”

A majority of attendees report snoring, morning headaches, daytime fatigue, irritability, high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes, these are all serious health issues that are linked to sleep apnea. Derek Kennard, former NFL Lineman can relate to many members in the audience. “I would wake up tired, blood shot eyes, irritable and I found it very hard to focus during practice. All I could think about was sleeping, I knew I had a serious problem.” reports Derek Kennard. Mr. Kennard lost his brother Donald Kennard in 2009, he passed in his sleep due to sleep apnea. “I wish I met David Gergen sooner, I feel he could have saved my brothers life by making him an oral appliance for his sleep apnea.”

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About Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab

Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab specialize in fabricating orthodontic appliances such as TMJ Splints, Flippers, and Retainers, as well as all types of functional appliances such as the Respire, Herbst, Bionators, and Twin Blocks. Most successful businesses and their customers will readily agree that such long-term dedication invariably results in a highly trained and fully competent team that produces work of consistently exceptional quality. The Gergen’s staff does just that as we provide complete service in every phase of design and fabrication of our appliances for the orthodontist and general dentist.

David Gergen has been a nationally respected dental lab technician for over 25 years. He received the award for “The Finest Orthodontic Technician in the Country” given by Columbus Dental in 1986. He also received in 2012 a lifetime achievement award by the Gelb Academy as Americas greatest Orthodontic technician of all time. He has worked for some of the pioneers in the orthodontic and sleep dentistry fields. He was the personal technician for the likes of Dr. Robert Ricketts, Dr. Ronald Roth, Dr. A. Paul Serrano, Dr. Clark Jones, Dr. Harold Gelb, Dr. Joseph R. Cohen, Dr Rodney Willey and Dr. Thiem Pham. He started his lab in 1984 and has grown it into one of the most respected labs in the country employing over 50 people. One of his proudest achievements is receiving The National Leadership award for Arizona Small Businessman of the Year in 2004.

*Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab is opening a new office in Peoria Illinois 11825 State Route 40 Dunlap, IL. 61525, 309-696-6023. This lab will be headed by David Gergen II , David has worked in the dental field for seven years and continues excel in this industry.

About Sleep Group Solution

Sleep Group Solutions is an airway diagnostic technology company serving the needs of physicians and dentists interested in screening, diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and other upper airway disorders. Sleep Group Solutions offers the latest screening and diagnostic equipment solutions for patients with allergy, sinus congestion, rhinitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps, snoring and sleep apnea. SGS offers the most comprehensive dental sleep medicine CE seminars in the industry focused on teaching dentists the protocols needed to make the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea part of their practice. SGS offers sleep study interpretation, oral appliances (Norad Boil & Bite, Respire), online directory and CPAP Alternatives SGS is the manufacturer of the Eccovision Systems Rhinometer and Pharyngometer. The Pro Player Health Alliance is a partnership of Sleep Group Solutions and former NFL Players. PPHA brings public events to cities which raise awareness of sleep apnea and allow fans to meet their favorite NFL super stars.