2012 Sleep Apnea Awareness at an all time high

Dentists across the country are participating in dental continuing education courses, which teach dental professionals how to screen and treat snoring and sleep apnea, through Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT).  With such a high demand for quality sleep courses, Sleep Group Solutions continues to grow as the leader in complete sleep protocol solutions.  Sleep Group Solutions is pleased to announce the opening of their fifth location in Portland, Maine to call home.

With its headquarters in Hollywood, Florida, Sleep Group Solutions has a total of five locations to better serve the sleep medicine community, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and now Maine.  This expansion came at the perfect time.  According to the National Sleep Foundation,  more than 90 million Americans snore.  Snoring along with high blood pressure, hypertension, irritability, headaches and daytime fatigue, are signs you may have sleep apnea.  Dentists are quickly becoming the first line of defense in treating these patients who snore or have sleep apnea.  “It makes perfect sense for a dentist to see the signs of sleep apnea.  Dentists are in the airway on a daily basis.  At our courses we teach a full sleep protocol, including visual signs of sleep apnea such as gerd, scalloped tongue and bruxism.”  mentions Mr. John Nadeau, VP of Sleep Group Solutions.

The latest location will allow easier access to seminars, and the Sleep Group Solutions team can cover more ground and teach more dentists and staff how to screen and treat for snoring and sleep apnea.  “This year we have the most courses we have ever had, as the demand for our courses have increased.”  says Rani Ben-David, President of Sleep Group Solutions.  SGS headquarters in Florida is 30,000 square feet and has the ability to host even more seminars and annual meetings.