2007 Rondeau Ortho-Sleep-TMD Las Vegas Symposium

Dr. Rondeau brings world class lecturers with cutting edge content and this year is no different. 17 oustanding professionals, including SGS’s John Nadeau, will present the latest technologies and techniques in their respective fields. Full length Doctor and Staff programs make this a meeting for the entire office. Set in the beautiful Paris Hotel, it is certain to be one of the best meetings of the year.

The 2007 conference will focus more of sleep and airway than ever before. The link between a functional airway and orthodontic problems is clear and is becoming a focus of many ortho lectures. Several professionals will focus only on sleep and airways including Dr. Pillar, a highly regarded sleep physician from Israel. Dr. Rondeau is known for showing cases and there will be some great sleep apnea cases on deck for the meeting. Pharyngometry, Rhinometry, Sleep Studies and other records will be shown and discussed.