A home sleep study is only good when accompanied by proper diagnosis by a board certified sleep physician. SGS works directly with hundreds of sleep physicians across North America to provide this service through SGS’ web service www.interpstudies.com . This site connects dentists and sleep physicians making it possible for legal diagnosis of sleep apnea to come from an Embletta X100 device dispensed by the dentist. This very affordable service enables patients to enter treatment earlier than if they had to wait for a sleep study in a sleep lab and provides dentists using home sleep testing with a valuable diagnostic option for patients who refused or could not go for a full in-lab study.


During the 2-day SGS sleep seminar, we discuss and support all oral appliances on the market used in the dental treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. We cover appliances such as Myerson EMA, Narval CC, TAP 3 and TAP 3 elite, and the ZQuiet pro-plus. We demonstrate and discuss various dorsal fin, and Herbst appliances as well, with hands-on demonstrations. Some courses have dental labs onsite to discuss their appliances, lab, and processes.
When the need arises for immediate treatment, appliance repair or a transitional device SGS has you covered with the EMA First-Step and NORAD appliances. These devices can be fabricated immediately in the dental office and delivered to the patient in the same visit to ensure your patient never has to sleep a single night without appropriate therapy.

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