SGS manufactures and distributes the Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometry & Rhinometry system. The Pharyngometer device has become a “gold standard” tool used by thousands of practitioners, hospitals and universities worldwide. The Eccovision is valued for its accuracy, non-invasive testing, low cost per use, and has been used in hundreds of clinical research articles. The Pharyngometer is used in sleep disordered dentistry because of its ability to identify narrow, obstructed, and collapsible airways as well as its ability to determine proper position of the mandible for oral appliance therapy. This test is reimbursed by private insurance and Medicare.

Eccovision Acoustic Rhinometer The Acoustic Rhinometer is a tool used frequently by dentists and otolaryngologists to measure nasal airway size and identify obstructions in the nose that could be contributing to the sleep disordered breathing problem. This is a quick non-invasive test that can be done in seconds proving the doctor with valuable information. The Rhinometer test is reimbursed by private insurance and Medicare.

SGS 3D Airway Software SGS engineers have developed airway imaging software to compliment the use of the Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging System. This 3D airway software takes readings from the Pharyngometer and Rhinometer and renders a three dimensional airway complete with volumetric and point-by-point measurements of cross-sectional area.

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