As part of the SGS training program for implementing sleep medicine in a dental office, clients are offered marketing assistance. SGS will share marketing letters directed to other medical professionals as well as sample newspaper and radio ad campaigns. Clients are also offered a series of patient information brochures discussing the link between sleep apnea and snoring, quality of life, children, women, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

SGS also offers custom and design websites for our clients treating snoring and sleep apnea. Our new custom and design option websites will focus on sleep apnea, and offer patients information such as necessary definitions, statistics, home sleep testing info, and treatment options.

The SGS websites are all about education, and being able to offer an affordable service, that is usually extremely expensive. SGS wants dentists to thrive in dental sleep medicine; by offering affordable websites, dentists won’t need to recreate the wheel.

SGS is pleased to lead the way with Dental Sleep Medicine newsletters. The printed and electronic newsletter, Sleep on it! Is distributed to dentists across the country. The newsletter’s focus is on DSM matters that mean the most in the industry.

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