Whether this is your first foray into Dental Sleep Medicine or you’ve had a few false starts, our courses are the next step you need to THRIVE in Dental Sleep Medicine.  Don’t just take our word for it.  We’ve educated over 11,000 clinicians across the country.   The numbers don’t lie.

Our 2 day dental sleep seminars give you the education you want to take action you need. Sure, you’ll learn a lot. So will your team.  But most important, you’ll have a clear map about what you need to do next, to take action to identify more patients, move them along the proper diagnostic pathways, efficiently and effectively treat them, and realize increased production. 

No matter where you are in the U.S., we have a dental sleep seminar near you this year.  Don’t sleep on Dental Sleep Medicine one more night. Your patients need you.

Check out our list of dynamic courses presented by dynamo speakers that are actively treating sleep patients in their own practices.  We’ll have fun.  We’ll learn from each other. We’ll all be better for it. 11,000 clinicians and over 100,000 patients.  You’re next.

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January (01/10/2020 - 01/11/2020)
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sleep Group Solutions (#200)
2035 Harding Street #200
Hollywood, FL, 33020


Note: Location may be subject to change.

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This is a MUST attend for any dental office that is looking to implement a Sleep Protocol, or learn how to increase existing Sleep revenues.

We have so many exciting things going on at Sleep Group Solutions! We are growing and spreading the word about Obstructive Sleep Apnea to more dentists than ever!


To help us spread the word and help dental practices become successful, we need experienced Sleep Care Coordinators to join our team. Because of your leadership skills, your passion for caring for your patients, and your experience with the

Eccovision system, I would like to personally invite you to join the SGS Training Team. We are developing this elite group of trainers to be able to travel to offices and train new teams.


If you are interested in becoming part of the SGS Training Team, please contact me or Leyla Verdooren directly at rebecca@sleepgs.com or leyla@sleepgs.com. You can also call me if you have any questions at 305-830-0327. This is a nicely compensated position – so if you are looking for extra income – this is a GREAT opportunity!


You are specially chosen – I believe in all of you. We will be having a VIP and training event January 10- 11, 2019 at the SGS home office. Contact either Leyla or me for travel information.


Looking forward to a Fantastic 2020!


Rebecca Layhe

Director of Education Sleep Group Solutions


Dental Sleep Medicine Business Builder Program

Doctor congratulations on considering this education experience for you and your team. At the course our expert instructor will speak to their experiences and introduce how to not only succeed clinically with sleep but also financially. Courses that focus on appliances or medical billing fall short because they are focused on one aspect of a complete dental sleep business. In our course we will work with you to set goals and benchmarks for your practice while mapping out a 12 month path to incredible success in dental sleep medicine. We look forward to meeting you at this seminar and being your guide to becoming a clinically and financially elite dental sleep practice.

Online Pre-Seminar
Upon registration you’ll be given immediate access to the Online Pre-Seminar material. This pre-requisite class (2-3hrs) helps ensure all attendees have solid foundational knowledge necessary to get the most out of the live seminar. Please ensure that all doctors and team members attending the live course also watch the pre-requisite material.

Day 1

● Know your enemy – OSA review

● Disease prevalence in your practice

● $20,000 Sleep Screening Challenge

● The step-by-step protocol

● OSA diagnostics, sleep tests, airway analysis

● Hands-on airway testing/screening

● Prep Home Sleep Tests for select course attendees

● Your 12 month sleep journey

Day 2

● Download and review previous night’s sleep studies and reports

● Master the case presentation

● Hands-on sleep records, Pharyngometer “airway bite”

● The good, the bad, the ugly – Appliance options

● Marketing your sleep practice

● Want a robust physician referral network?

● Stay organized – sleep practice management solution

● Getting paid by private insurance & Medicare

Add to your calendar!


16 CEU for Attendees

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