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SGS Dental Sleep Medicine Seminar

Whether this is your first foray into Dental Sleep Medicine or you’ve had a few false starts, our courses are the next step you need to THRIVE in Dental Sleep Medicine. Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve educated over 11,000 clinicians across the country. The numbers don’t lie.

Our 2-day seminars give you the education you want to take action you need. Sure, you’ll learn a lot. So will your team. But most important, you’ll have a clear map about what you need to do next, to take action to identify more patients, move them along the proper diagnostic pathways, efficiently and effectively treat them, and realize increased production.

No matter where you are in the US, we have a seminar near you this year. Don’t sleep on Dental Sleep Medicine one more night. Your patients need you.

Check out our list of dynamic courses presented by dynamo speakers that are actively treating sleep patients in their own practices. We’ll have fun. We’ll learn from each other. We’ll all be better for it. 11,000 clinicians and over 100,000 patients. You’re next. Register today.


What You’ll Learn


1 in 4 adults suffer from sleep apnea. Sometimes it seems like the only thing more prevalent than sleep apnea is courses for dentists that want to incorporate dental sleep medicine into their practices. What should you do then? How can you ensure the course you register for will give you the information you need to get informed and get going? How about following in the footsteps of more than 11,000 of your colleagues that have learned to implement Dental Sleep Medicine at one of our previous seminars?

SGS is excited to announce our course offerings for you. During these events our world-class, experienced Dental Sleep Medicine clinicians will guide you and your team through the following:

  • Gain the necessary information so you can discuss sleep with your patients and referring physicians
  • Identify the signs and symptoms for Sleep Disordered Breathing for adult and pediatric patients
  • Determine which appliances to use for every patient type
  • Understand the basics of Medical Billing
  • Learn how to efficiently achieve effective patient outcomes
  • Make the right sleep testing decisions
  • Take a free home sleep test to assess your risk and understand the patient experience
  • Opportunities to take a free home sleep test at each course

Our Instructors


Are you in a busy general practice and can’t figure out how to efficiently and effectively treat sleep patients? Maybe you’re feeling burnt out or under-challenged? Maybe you just want to provide more comprehensive care? Have you delved into Dental Sleep Medicine in the past but with disappointing results?

Our roster of prestigious dental sleep medicine experts understands where you are today. They’ve been there, and they are proof that you can successfully implement Dental Sleep Medicine in your practice. They’ve treated thousands of patients, and you can, too. Now is the time to take the next step. Click below to find a seminar near you.


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