Sleep Apnea in Children: Finally, There’s an Answer

A child’s snoring should NEVER be ignored. It’s as big of a red flag as you’re going to get for obstructive sleep apnea in children, who unfortunately present the condition slightly differently than adults. While the condition normally impacts middle aged men (and goes underdiagnosed even then), it can slip dangerously under the radar for…



Dear Frances, 

it was a pleasure to attend the SGS boot-camp. 

First, the location, organization and the staff support is extraordinaire. 

But i wanted to elaborate on this specific training experience; It is the third time i have attended your company Sleep Apnea course. This one was different and a better, stronger experience for me.

First, Rebecca is an outstanding facilitator and lecturer. She is clear, to-the-point, funny and a great teacher and a source of information. 

As a Dentist and a Sleep Apnea patient myself, this was an eye-opener. 

if until now, and in all the previous courses i took, it was clear to me that the topic is VERY important and A LIFE SAVER, it was only THIS time I realized how CRUCIAL the unique equipment SGS has developed, to promote a CORRECT treatment. 

I admit that, as a dentist, i thought, as many of us do, that, I can simply and arbitrarily open the bite and reposition the lower jaw with the dental appliance, according to the guidance of 60% or so and that was enough. Or, that a case like mine, with severe Sleep Apnea CANNOT benefit from a dental appliance.


i was able to learn that:

-the obstruction amount and location CAN be detected using the Pharingo-meter, 

-that the amount or repositioning CAN be determine to optimum. 

-and that in some case of a severe Sleep Apnea, a dental device CAN be a right solution. 

It was also important to learn that in some cases, moderate to severe the CPAP is the only solution but at lease, the dental appliance option was tested. 


I have learned a lot and i hope to continue my education and practice cooperation in the future.

-Ariela Notzer DMD MHA