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This is a must attend for any dental office that is looking to implement a Sleep Protocol, or learn how to increase existing Sleep revenues.


Open Your Eyes

  • The untapped dental sleep gold mine in your practice
  • A call to action: what you’ve been missing for way too long
  • Opportunity in your community

Know Your Enemy

  • This isn’t your grandfathers snoring
  • Deadly sleep apnea
  • Alphabet soup of apnea – definitions & vocab
  • How does it kill?
  • Co-morbidities: sleep apnea red flags

Advanced Airway Anatomy

  • Nose to Neck – Where is the problem?
  • Airway trumps all

OSA Screening: Upgrade Your Examination IQ

  • Signs, Symptoms & Clinical Consequences
  • What to look for and scripts for patient interaction
  • What to say / what not to say
  • Initial documentation & sleep questionnaires – how to best use them

The Sleep Consult Appointment

  • Why a dedicated appointment? Goals of testing
  • Patient education: raise your patients sleep health knowledge

Initial Patient Exam

  • Airway evaluation – how and why to measure nasal and oral airway with Eccovision Pharyngometer/Rhinometer
  • Live patient exam demonstration & hands-on testing of attendees

Home Sleep Testing

  • Home testing vs. Lab testing
  • No Barriers: how to use home testing for a faster path to appliance therapy
  • Set up and dispense tests to volunteer attendees for overnight sleep studies


The Dental Sleep Medicine Cookbook Continued

  • How to read a home sleep test and PSG
  • Download and review studies done on attendees the night before
  • OSA Positive! Now what?
  • Multidisciplinary team building – networking with MD colleagues

DSM Marketing Pearls

  • Inexpensive things you can do and say right now to start off strong
  • Sleep Apnea Phone calls do’s and don’ts
  • Golden ticket for primary care referrals

Non-Dental Treatment Options

  • CPAP, Upper Airway Surgery, Weight Loss, Positional Therapy and more
  • Creating the mutually beneficial sleep MD relationship
  • Combination therapy – when is it an option?

Your Ticket for DSM Success! Appliance Records

  • An objective way to predict oral appliance success and ideal bite position
  • No more guessing
  • Airway Imaging with bite repositioning jigs
  • Appliance selection based on airway assessment and patient indications

Lifetime Treatment: longer term implications

  • How to mitigate dental side effects
  • Appliance delivery & adjustments
  • Short and long term follow up plan

How to get a YES!

  • A clinical case presentation that actually works!
  • Take down barriers and set yourself up for success

Billing Medical Insurance & Medicare

  • A Simple “hands-off” approach to getting paid and not overwhelming your staff
  • Medical codes, fee structures and how to bill to maximize collection and reimbursement
  • Medicare – the good, bad & ugly
  • How to be a Medicare DME supplier
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