Driving Under the Influence of OSA

Most of you would never think of hitting the wheel after a few drinks. You wouldn’t give a second thought to honking and shaking your fist to anyone speeding or looking down at their phones. But would you keep yourself from driving for being a bit too drowsy? When you’re just tired enough, and in…


Sleep Apnea in Children: Finally, There’s an Answer

A child’s snoring should NEVER be ignored. It’s as big of a red flag as you’re going to get for obstructive sleep apnea in children, who unfortunately present the condition slightly differently than adults. While the condition normally impacts middle aged men (and goes underdiagnosed even then), it can slip dangerously under the radar for…


OSA in Women: An Invisible Problem

Every dentist wants to be able to say that they did everything they could by the time a patient walks out of their appointment. Human error can’t be avoided forever, however, and there are always certain types of cases that are more likely to slip under the radar than others. One such example would be…


The Amazing Benefits of Practicing Dental Sleep Medicine

Every dentist wants to develop a strong presence in the exciting and profitable world of Dental Sleep Medicine. We have all heard the stories of phenomenal success some dentists have in treating patients for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

This article will provide you with the solutions to your questions and get you excited about incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM). into your Dental Practice.

Chapter I.
“How Will I Benefit by DSM in my Dental Practice?”

This is a huge winner for your practice, for you, for your team, and for your patients.

A. The Benefits for you and your Dental Practice

1. Acquire New Patients- lots of them.