A Million-Dollar Sleep Medicine Practice In 12 Months.

Launch a successful, profitable, and rewarding sleep medicine program within your existing practice with our turnkey business builder program.

Turnkey Business Solution

Grow your own bottom line using our proven end-to-end business solution.

Marketing Support

We help you find sleep patients with best-in-class marketing support.

Modern Sleep Equipment

We provide you with the leading dental sleep medicine equipment and word-class training & support.

Back-Office Billing Support

We help you implement a hassle-free billing and back-office system to ensure you get paid.

The Facts & Opportunity

For Dentists That Want to Grow Their Revenue

Did you know that the global Dental Sleep Medicine Market is expected to reach $9 billion dollars by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.0% during 2021-2027. The opportunity is too big to pass up. Just look at the facts below!

1 in 4 dental patients suffers from a sleep disorder

Nearly 30 million adults have sleep apnea, 80 percent of them have yet to be

On average there are over 400,000 monthly Google searches for sleep apnea
or sleep disorders – the market opportunity is huge!

Many dental practices are already sitting on over $500K in sleep revenue just within their existing patient base.

Recoup your initial investment in 3 months! Where else are you going to get that type of return?

SGS has mastered the business of dental sleep medicine and would love to help you unlock this potential to achieve your clinical and financial goals in sleep medicine. Our mission from day one was to guide our member dentists to clinical and financial prosperity with their sleep business. That’s exactly what we have been doing for over a decade!

Turnkey Sleep Medicine Solution

The Path To a Million-Dollar Sleep Medicine Practice Starts Here!

The Sleep Group Solutions Turnkey Sleep Medicine Business Builder Program offers everything you need to launch a successful, profitable, and rewarding sleep medicine program within your existing practice.

Marketing Support

We’ll help you find sleep patients with the right amount of marketing support.

Personalized GetSleepPatients Marketing Program

 Marketing Collateral

 Sleep Medicine Website


Equipment & Training

We’ll help you create effective patient case
presentations and oral appliance therapies using cutting-edge acoustic airway imaging

Ecoovision Digital Airway Imaging System

Watch-PAT 300 HST Devices

Virtual and On-site Office Training

 Annual equipment service, software
updates, maintenance, supplies

SGS Customer Care Team

Back-Office Support

We’ll provide you with a complete software solution to free you from the burden of back-office operations and more squarely focus on providing quality dental sleep care.

Imagn Software w/Dentrix Integration Insurance Credentialing to Make Sure
You Get Paid

Patient Screening, Tracking, Billing

On-Demand Training Videos


Join us at one of our ASBA-Certified seminars and learn how highly successful Dental Sleep Medicine practitioners save lives and grow their own bottom-line using our Turnkey Sleep Medicine Business Builder Program.

“Sleep Group Solutions has been extremely helpful from the beginning.. In just how it all works and how we our patients to truly enjoy better sleep and a better life”

 Dr. Dave Burt

Why Choose Sleep Group Solutions

Leader in Dental Sleep Medicine Education and Technology

Have you made a sleep appliance or two for some patients and don’t know where to go next? Perhaps you are new to Sleep Medicine and would like to
take advatage of the incredible market opportunity that exists.

Utilize our turnkey 12 month program to launch a successful, profitable and rewarding sleep medicine program within your existing practice.

The business of dental sleep medicine is complicated, to succeed you need
a partner who has mastered every aspect of sleep in a dental practice. Join
us at an upcoming event to discover a 12 month plan for your own million
dollar sleep practice.  FIND AN UPCOMING SEMINAR NEARBY 


15+ years providing state-of-the-art airway imaging technology and dental education services.


We operate beyond geographical boundaries to offer clients both national capabilities and local sensitivity.


SGS has helped dozens of dentists achieve a million-dollar sleep medicine practice.

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