January (01/10/2020 - 01/11/2020)
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sleep Group Solutions (#200)
2035 Harding Street #200
Hollywood, FL, 33020

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Note: Location may be subject to change.

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- Doctors only & by Invitation only -

THU 1/9:  (Optional) BBQ & Drinks 7pm - 9pm
FRI 1/10:  9am - 5pm  &  Dinner 7:30pm
SAT 1/11:  9am - 5pm

Weekend Agenda

·       Discussion on industry changes, trends, growth and increased awareness of dental sleep medicine

·       Introduce SGS Study Club & nationwide platform for dental training and DSM education


·       How to WIN in dental sleep medicine with your team


·       Dental sleep medicine complex cases & solutions In and Out of Network - Medical Billing

·       CBD in Dentistry

·       Retirement Alternatives with Sleep


·       How to Handle side effects

·       Why SGS doctors should come to the 2020 Roundtable

·       Improving Case Acceptance

·       What to do after you’ve treated all your patients: building the MD referral network


·       SGS Study Clubs

·       Latest & Greatest oral appliance therapy options

·       Open Discussion Panel


Social Dinner Event: Friday Night @ 7:30 PM

*Transportation to the Social Dinner event on Friday evening will be provided and will pick up from the CIRC Hotel. Please let us know if you are not able to make the social dinner event.


This is a MUST attend for any dental office that is looking to implement a Sleep Protocol, or learn how to increase existing Sleep revenues.

Day 1

● Sleep 101 – sleep stages, disorders and the need for sleep apnea treatment

● Sleep apnea symptoms/clinical issues

● Improving Case Acceptance - Treating snoring and sleep apnea in a dental office.

● Prepare overnight home sleep study for select course attendees

● Hands on with Pharyngometer / Rhinometer for airway testing

● Working with Sleep Physicians and Building relationships with local MD’s

Day 2

● Download previous night’s Home Sleep Tests study and review study data and sleep report with class

● Dental Sleep Medicine step-by-step protocol flow chart

● Oral Appliance Pro’s & Con’s: Dorsal, Herbst, EMA, TAP, Panthera, and SomnoMed

● Case presentations and How to Market a Sleep Practice

● Review of the latest codes, fees, procedures with medical billing and Medicare.

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