VPOD-Ultra high resVPod Ultra is a complete web-based Patient Management System for Oral Appliance Therapy that utilizes data storage via individual patient portals, eliminating software and files. Annual fee Includes patient demographic and data storage in dedicated patient portals. Patient screening via Oximeter upload and reporting with a highly accurate indicator of Sleep Apnea ranging from Low to Medium to High Ability to coordinate/order a Home Sleep Test (HST).

VPOD Ultra Product Features

  • FDA Cleared
  • Good Study Indicator displays the hours, minutes and seconds of recorded time
  • Records in 1 second intervals High Resolution Pulse Oximetry (HRPO)
  • Data storage and transmission to VirtuOx Laboratory for Oxygen qualification
  • Data storage and transmission to VirtuOx Office Edition for non-qualification
  • USB interface for data transfer
  • Memory / date stores without battery!
  • LCD displays SPO2, Pulse rate and Pulse bar
  • 60 hours of data storage
  • Special rubber boot probe designed for sleep monitoring
  • Choose any probe at no extra cost
  • Low power consumption, uses 1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack
  • Battery low indicator


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