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SleepMed ARES

The Apnea Risk Evaluation System (ARES™) integrates physiological data acquired in-home with clinical history and anthropomorphic data to determine the presence and severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The device is easy to operate for patients and for clinicians with a web-based portal for all study management and one-click physician interpretation.

GEM Pro Measuring System

Sleep Group Solutions is now proud to offer the GEM Pro Wellness Monitor. This was designed from the ground up to assist the dentist in managing patients with complaints of snoring and who show signs of damaged teeth as a result of clenching and grinding during sleep!  Bruxism, Audio, Heart Rate, Oxygen Desaturation, Body Position

Pulse Ox

VPod Ultra is a complete web-based Patient Management System for Oral Appliance Therapy that utilizes data storage via individual patient portals, eliminating software and files. Annual fee Includes patient demographic and data storage in dedicated patient portals. Patient screening via Oximeter upload and reporting with a highly accurate indicator of Sleep Apnea ranging from Low to Medium to High Ability to coordinate/order a Home Sleep Test (HST).

Business Listing Optimizer

As part of SGS’s commitment to supporting our clients and be a one-stop solutions provider; We have added this great tool to optimize & submit your practice with all the listings online.