Dental Sleep Medicine education company, Sleep Group Solutions, teach dentists Sleep Apnea signs and symptoms, including during two-day lectures. Upcoming CE lecture with Dr. Anjoo Ely in Dallas, Texas on February 27/28 is open for registration.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, More than 18 million American adults have sleep apnea.  Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include (definitely not limited to) GERD, scalloped tongue and large neck circumferences.  The Sleep Group Solutions program instructs dentists on implementing a Sleep Protocol, and discuss signs and symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea.  Upcoming course in Dallas on February 27/28th with Dr. Anjoo Ely is open for registration.

According The National Sleep Foundation,  the size of your neck may be useful in determining risks for various sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep apnea.  Novi, Michigan Doctor, Dr. Anjoo Ely, provides sleep apnea treatment in her dental practice, and says neck circumference is a noticeable visual sign to look out for.  “As an individual becomes more overweight or obese, one area of the body that becomes larger in circumference is the neck.”  Dr. Ely continues, “Aside from having a large stomach, there will also be tissue crowding along the airway, especially in the throat. When the airway becomes narrowed, it is more likely to partially collapse, causing hypopneas or snoring, or completely close off, causing sleep apnea.”   If an individual has enlarged tissue in the back of the mouth and throat -such as big tonsils, adenoids, or tongue, this will likewise contribute. The weight of the neck tissue itself may also lead the soft airway to collapse.

“The circumference, or distance around the neck, is typically measured with a paper measuring tape at our office, during the patients initial visit,”  says Dr. Ely, “In general, this is considered to be a risk factor for sleep disordered breathing when the circumference is greater than 17 inches for men and 15 inches in women.”  Dr. Ely’s office screens each patient for sleep disordered breathing issues, regardless of weight, health, or lack of symptoms.  Children are also at risk, in pediatric pulmonology neck circumference is also used as a screening tool to identify children who may be at risk.

To learn more about screening patients for snoring and sleep apnea, attend a  live lecture with Sleep Group Solutions, and learn your role.  Upcoming lectures includes:  

Irvine, CA
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Washington, D.C.
Atlanta, GA

About Dr. Anjoo Ely

Dr. Ely received undergraduate training at the University of Western Ontario with a study focus in actuarial sciences. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School 1997, one of the best in the country. Upon graduation Dr. Ely was a clinical instructor at the University of Michigan Periodontology Department. She has been a dentist for over 15 years and has been through several post graduate courses in different fields of dentistry since receiving her DDS degree. She is a Member of the American Dental Association, Michigan Dental Association, and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Ely’s passion for Dental Sleep Medicine stems from her loss of her father at a young age due to suspected undiagnosed sleep apnea. Her passion is not just treating sleep apnea but also doing her due diligence as a dental professional by aiding in the screening process.