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Sleep Group Solutions has expertly crafted customizable Dental Sleep Medicine Websites to take your practice to the next level. Our new custom and template websites will focus on sleep apnea, and offer patients information such as necessary definitions, statistics, home sleep testing info, and treatment options. Our websites are all about education, and being able to offer an affordable service, that is usually extremely expensive. S.G.S. wants dentists to thrive in dental sleep medicine, and by offering affordable websites, dentists won’t need to recreate the wheel.



We make it as easy as possible by providing the content you need for a professional D.S.M. website.  And help you fill in the blanks by asking you details needed to make the site 100% yours.  These highly optimized sites are speedy and mobile compatible, so that you make the most of every visitor.

There are 3 designs to choose from, and each include 7 professional pages.

  • 4 Expertly crafted D.S.M. pages: About Sleep Apnea, Treatment Options, Sleep Health Test, and Technology
  • 3 Custom pages with your details: About Us, Images/Videos, Contact Info, Testimonials




Please Note:

  • Premium domain names are $10/month (for example, or any others)
  • Hosting for the site is $20/month
  • As a template website, we can customize the following: Logo, Practice Name, About Us, Contact Us, and Testimonials

Start Your Dental Sleep Medicine Website

From the domain name to customization; We’ll make it easy & hassle-free.

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