Whole You and Respire Medical, a Sleep Group Solutions sister company, announce FDA Clearance on two oral sleep devices, Respire Pink Micro and the Respire Pink EF.

NYC, NY.  Whole You announces FDA Clearance of Respire Medicals latest oral devices to treat snoring and sleep apnea, the Respire Pink Micro and the Respire Pink EF.  Dental Sleep Medicine education, instrumentation, and in-office training company Sleep Group Solutions proudly provides continuing education in Dental Sleep Medicine for Respire Medical clients.

“To feel whole again,” is what Respire Medical and Whole You wish for each patient with their line of oral devices used to treat snoring and sleep apnea.  The two new oral appliances, the Respire Pink Micro and the Respire Pink EF are perfect for non compliant or CPAP intolerant patients.  The Respire Pink EF offers increased tongue space, reduced coverage for front teeth and is citable for bruxism.  The Respire Pink Micro has shorter adjustment arms, more movement in mouth, and is easily adjustable.

Dental sleep medicine education partners, Sleep Group Solutions instruct thousands of dentists on implementing a sleep protocol and using Oral Appliance Therapy as a main method of treatment.  “During our live CE courses, we do a  hands on section with oral appliances where we take bites and registrations, we are looking forward to showcasing the new Respire Devices in our upcoming seminars.”  says John Nadeau, SGS Vice President.

SGS upcoming seminar locations include Seattle, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Houston, NYC, Vegas an more.  Attend an SGS seminar to learn more about dental sleep medicine and oral appliances from Respire Medical.