76 Allds St, Nashua, NH 03060, USA

Patients often ask me why I am not a "specialist". The truth is that I love being a general dentist, free to practice any and all of the specialities of our great profession. The most exciting part of my career is the unknown. I never know, from one day to the next, with what condition, which symptom, or what concerns my patients will present, and it is up to me to determine the best mode of therapy to provide for their needs. Whatever that condition is, I love the challenge of solving the "puzzle." The opportunity to make a decisive, if not immediate, impact on another person’s life is an immeasurable personal and professional reward that manifests itself on a daily basis.

I admire and appreciate the privilege of serving my patients. I am humbled by the opportunity to provide for them my skills, judgment, and expertise in order to solve their specific problem or need. Every day, I am honored by the confidence they display with their referral of friends, family, and colleagues.

My chosen profession is a lifetime choice, selected when I was just five years old. In fact, I tell my patients that I went to kindergarten because you had to in order to get into dental school! Dentistry allows me to satisfy my two major professional loves: art and medicine. In no other field can I exercise my artistic talents and have immediate physical and cosmetic results that can make such an incredible impact on a patient’s life and well-being. The level of trust needed to be called "their dentist" is a privilege that I hold in high regard.