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Our country is sleep-deprived—desperate for restful nights, to awaken easily, and be functional throughout the day without needing a nap.  The anxiety and stress of our busy world certainly make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.  But those dreams of being rested are even more difficult to achieve when nights are fraught with the tossing, turning, snoring, choking, or gasping for breath of oneself or a bed partner.  Millions of Americans are disturbed by either their own or their bed partner’s Sleep Disordered Breathing caused by airway obstruction throughout the night which can make it almost impossible to get any sleep at all.  The most common Sleep Disorder Breathing is Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

OSA is a serious health problem, and its first appearance is usually indicated by snoring.  Although snoring is generally viewed as a minor annoyance, something to be ignored or blocked out, it can be the first sign of a major problem.  Medical research has determined that Sleep Disordered Breathing is a condition that ranges in severity. Even the slightest snoring can be an indication of the onset or existence of a loss of airway patency, or muscle tone. Dr. Kiggins became involved in Dental Sleep Medicine after attending a 16 CEU continuing dental education seminar with Sleep Group Solutions. Today he is one of our top doctors in Ohio prepared to screen and offer solutions such as oral appliance therapy. Call today with any questions you may have if you or your bed partner snores, or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are looking for a CPAP alternative.