1515 9th Ave, Conway, SC 29526, USA

Dr. Jeff Horowitz, a native of New Jersey, pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh and earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in 1991. Prior to opening his dental practice in Conway, South Carolina, Dr. Horowitz completed an additional year of training in a general practice residency at the Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, N.J. During this year, Dr. Horowitz gained advanced training in all areas of dentistry and general medicine.

In the summer of 1992, Conway dentist Dr. Horowitz, founded the Carolina Center for Advanced Dentistry.  For over 20 years, Dr. Horowitz has offered contemporary clinical dentistry to families in the Conway and Myrtle Beach areas.  It has been his passionate pursuit to stay on  top of new advancements in the fields of cosmetic and general dentistry.  A stickler for quality, Dr Horowitz has dedicated himself to continuing education, earning him the prestigious fellowship award from the Academy of General Dentistry.  To qualify for such an honor, he was required to complete a minimum of 500 hours of continuing education and to pass a rigorous fellowship examination.  He is also required to take a minimum of 25 hours of continuing education every year to keep the fellowship.  This distinction is shared by only 7% of dentists nationally, further illustrating Dr. Horowitz' level of commitment to providing safe, effective, and excellent results.  

Dr. Horowitz views continuing education as a top priority.  He takes well over 100 continuing education hours yearly, and he teaches well over two hundred.   By dedicating  himself to continuing education, he has earned  Mentorship status at the prestigious Kois Center for Advanced Dental Studies, and fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy.  Dr. Horowitz is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Orthodontic Society, the American Dental Association, and the American Association of Dental SLeep Medicine.  He is a past-president of the Grand Strand Dental Society, and since 2008, Dr. Horowitz has been an executive board member of the South Carolina Academy of General Dentistry, where he now serves as a past-president of the organization.  He is actively involved in lecturing and clinical consulting and enjoys speaking on all aspects of dentistry, however his main interests include cosmetic smile rehabilitation, complex restorative cases, TMJ dysfunction, and sleep disordered breathing.    Dr. Horowitz has lectured at the Medical University of South Carolina, Horry Georgetown Technical College, Patterson Dental Company, and the Academy for Arts, Sciences, and Technology.  Most recently Dr. Horowitz was asked to present at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington on Laser Crown Lengthening.  Additionally, Dr. Horowitz has been featured in several television news segments, including dental management of the sleep apnea patient on WBTW and WPDE, and in print in The Sun News, S.C. Woman Magazine, and Coastal Business Life Magazine.

His main interests include cosmetic smile rehabilitation and complex restorative cases, but his broad knowledge of general dentistry, orthodontics, laser dentistry, and TMJ dysfunction has earned him a noteworthy reputation within the dental community.  Since 1995, Dr. Horowitz has been treating sleep disordered breathing in children as a major contributing factor to tongue-thrusting and inadequate arch development.  In 2005, his interest in this area led to treating adult patients who were diagnosed but unable to tolerate C.P.A.P. therapy.  Since that time, he has worked with local pulmonologists, G.P.'s and E.N.T.'s treating obstructive sleep apnea while utilizing his orthodontic knowledge to complement oral appliance therapy.

Dr. Horowitz became involved in Dental Sleep Medicine after attending a 16 CEU Seminar with Sleep Group Solutions. Today he is one of our top doctors in South Carolina and his practice is prepared to screen for O.S.A., and offer solutions such as oral appliance therapy. 

Call today with any questions you may have, or if you or your bed partner snores, or have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, and are looking for a CPAP alternative.