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Our doors are always open to welcome new patients who are ready to receive comprehensive dental care. Since 1984 we have built our practice by the kind referrals made by our family of patients.  Our goal to provide excellent dental care enables our patients to achieve and maintain healthy mouths and beautiful smiles.  

Sleep Disordered Breathing is a serious health problem, and its first appearance is usually indicated by snoring.  Although snoring is generally viewed in the United States as a minor annoyance, something to be ignored or blocked out, it can be the first sign of a problem.  Medical research has determined that Sleep Disordered Breathing is a condition that ranges in severity. Even the slightest snoring can be an indication of the onset or existence of a loss of airway patency, or muscle tone.

Dr. Beavers became involved in Dental Sleep Medicine after attending a 16 CEU Seminar with Sleep Group Solutions. Today he is one of our top doctors in North Carolina who screens for O.S.A. and offer solutions such as oral appliance therapy for those who are looking for a CPAP Alternative. 

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