489 N L St, Livermore, CA 94551, USA

Dr. Endre Selmeczy offers a full service range of professional dental services for the entire family, including cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

His office is conveniently located in a building designed as a residence. The homey and comfortable atmosphere reflects Dr. Selmeczy's personal and friendly style. While the ambiance is casual and relaxing, patients still benefit from Dr.Selmeczy's modern, high-tech equipment. The computerized equipment that Dr. Selmeczy uses enhances his high skill level, while visually demonstrating before-and-after results for the patient.

Dr. Selmeczy became involved in Dental Sleep Medicine after attending a 16 CEU Seminar with Sleep Group Solutions. Today he is one of our top doctors in California and his practice is prepared to screen for O.S.A., and offer solutions such as oral appliance therapy for those looking for a CPAP alternative.