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Through continuous learning, Dr. Blum incorporated into his practice the knowledge that many debilitating, systemic disorders are evident through oral manifestations. (Signs of illness can be read in the mouth.) As a well trained dentist, he understood this connection, which has led him to establish close working relations with patients’ physicians and other medical specialists.

He discovered and understood the ever-present relationship between dental problems, periodontal problems, orofacial pain, TMD, headaches, systemic inflammatory diseases and problems with the patients’ airway and breathing.

Once he started researching and digging deeper into the connection between systemic health, airway blockages, and disordered breathing,  there was no turning back. It became a soul purpose for him to help his patients, as well as to teach other dentists and allied health professionals about airway problems and sleep related breathing disorders. Dr. Blum became involved in Dental Sleep Medicine when he attended a 16 CEU Dental continuing education seminar with Sleep Group Solutions. 

Building health is not about competition–it’s about community. Through his clinical practice, lectures, and  workshops, Dr. Blum has made it his quest to spread the word about treatment of sleep related breathing disorders.