426 Barcellus Ave, Santa Maria, CA 93454, USA

Dr. Ouellet has been in the dental industry since 1985 and is the owner of Pacific Coast Smiles. He has been married to Patty for 15+ years. They have four children, all boys. His hobbies are of course the boys, boating, and skiing. He was born/raised in the Boston, MA area and moved here after graduating dental school in 1985.
When asked 'What do you love about living on the central coast he replied, "The outdoors, the ocean and lakes nearby, the proximity to all the outdoor sports in California, as well as the great weather!
When asked what do you love about working here, he replied, "I love to help people. Patients come in sometimes in pain, we quickly get them out of pain, they come in wanting a better smile, we have the ability to greatly improve their smile, they bring in their family members, and refer friends because they know I care about them!
We asked him what he is looking forward to, his reply was, "Helping people become more self-confident - it's rewarding to see a person come in with a smile that can be improved in one or two visits. To see them walk away - nearly immediately they carry themselves in a more self-confident manner! They smile at everybody and as you know, smiling is contageous!"
The biggest problem he sees with patient's teeth is: Diet, Diet, Diet. The best advice he'd like to share about taking care of teeth is: Watch your diet! Sodas for instance are very destructive to teeth.
Some of his special training is: Of course Lumineers, Sleep Apnea, Implants, Dr. Chao Pinhole Technique
Some associations that he is a member of: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Lumineers Smile Office, ADA, CDA, AGD, Pierre Fauchaud Academy, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Central Coast Dental Society.